Land, ocean or air

Getting here is already an adventure


All transfers are from Maputo to our villa, and return to Maputo.

Please ensure you pre-book your transfers far in advance if you do not plan to use your own vehicle. Arrival and departure flights, to and from Maputo, should be pre-arranged by yourself.

Guests getting off a boat charter in the Machangulo Peninsula


Boat charter from Maputo. Departs from Maputo Marina or Porta de Pesca, and can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Estimated travel time: 1 hour 30 mins to Machangulo Peninsula.

Please note, upon boarding and when disembarking the boat, you will have to wade through water that is approximately shin deep. Please dress appropriately. Upon your arrival in Machungula, you will be collected by our driver, and will be taken directly to Loggerhead Beach Villa. The drive is approximately 20 mins.

Boat Transfer Rates – one way.

Maputo to Santa Maria 4 people – MZN 12,000.00 10 people – MZN 20,000.00

A Toyota 4x4 vehicle driving through Maputo Special Reserve


Capable 4×4 Vehicle is essential.

Estimated travel time: 5 hours.

Take a scenic tour through the Maputo Special Reserve, using your own vehicle.

Starting in the capital, Maputo, you’ll drive south, over the new bridge, towards Ponta de Oura. After approximately 120km, you’ll reach the West gate entrance of the elephant reserve.

Once through the gates, it's an additional 80kms of rough terrain (approximately 4hours), to Loggerhead Beach Villa.

Chartered aircraft to a private airstrip near Loggerhead Beach Villa


Advance booking required.

Estimated travel time: 15 mins

Relax and enjoy a flight over the incredible Maputo Special Reserve and picturesque Machangulo Peninsula, to a private airstrip near Loggerhead Beach Villa.

Fixed-wing and helicopter options are available.